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New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for Science (NJSLA-S)

The New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for Science (NJSLA-S) measures student proficiency with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science. The science standards require assessment tasks that examine students’ performance of scientific and engineering practices in the context of crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. The three-dimensional nature of the standards requires more complex assessment items and tasks. The NJSLA are only one component of a system of assessments that provide evidence about student learning. The data collected from the NJSLA-S, students’ interactions with teachers on a daily basis, and their subsequent performance on teacher and district developed assessments combine to provide a clear and well-rounded picture of students’ achievement.


Important Dates

  • For NJSLA-S Spring 2020 Administration
Event Date
Import/Update users in PAN Starting December 3, 2019
Districts Upload SR/PNP Files in PAN 12/05/19 – 12/20/19
Parent, Student, and Teacher Information Guides available January 31, 2020: Online
February 3–7, 2020: Hard copies delivered
February 3, 2020: Available as Additional Orders
Infrastructure Trial Begins February 03, 2020
Test Coordinator and Test Administrator Manuals Posted on website February 21, 2020
District Test Coordinator/Technology Coordinator Regional Training (ELA/L, math, and science) North: February 26–27, 2020
Central: March 2–4, 2020
South: March 5, 2020

Documents and Downloads

NJSLA-Science Manuals

NJSLA Test Coordinator/Technology Coordinator Regional Training

NJSLA-Science Guides